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It’s hard to find questions that are any simpler: Who are you? Why does your company exist? What makes you different from the competition? And yet, those are some of the hardest questions a business can answer. For good reason, too. They strike at the heart of a business, its core values and core purpose. And its very existence in a competitive market.

Godfrey believes the answers to those questions should drive your marketing communications strategy and resonate through every tactic.


The concept of luxury products defines both luxury products and brands and also differentiates similar concepts such as premium and distinguishes between major types of luxury products and brands such as accessible vs. exceptional luxury products and connoisseur vs. star brand. In this way, it should create a better understanding of what actually luxury products and brands constitutes, and thus should be useful for both researchers and managers within the field of luxury brand management. As luxury is constantly on the move, this concept still is constantly updated. Therefore, a brand needs to be presented, promoted and planned, so that it can reach the target audience with a specific reputation. Developing a good relationship with the target public is important for our brand management. For us, the tangible product becomes an essential element for its look, price and packaging. Our main emphasis remains of products like Jewelry, fashion accessories and apparels.

Considering that the luxury concept has shifted to the ‘new’ concept, we delve into that aspect to understand the drivers for luxury brands presently, as well as the time to come. This is followed by a luxury potential determination of the world market both in terms of quantitative growth factors as well as qualitative initiatives.

Luxury branding is a whole new ball-game altogether, both from the perspective of the marketer as well as the luxury consumer. It, therefore, becomes important to view it both in relation and isolation from the ‘regular’ goods marketing.

To achieve the above objective, we first look at how luxury goods are different from regular goods and then go on to explore some facets and trends of the luxury goods as well as their market and consumers. This finally sums up into a SWOT analysis of the luxury goods segment, thereby helping in obtaining a bird’s eye view of the exercise at hand.

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