Catalogues are a present part of many companies’ marketing initiatives and are one of the most powerful marketing vehicles for getting the word out about products and services. But not every catalogue we receive sticks around for long.

Eye-catching design, smart layouts, appealing images and organization are cornerstones to good catalogue design. Add in the fact that different industries usually require different approaches: a big box sporting goods store’s catalogue will look very different from a custom watch-maker’s.

A catalogue’s performance is tied to how well it sells. Tailor your catalogue design to appeal to your target customer. If your target is a young audience, it will be drastically different than a catalogue for older folks. If you target multiple audiences, you may consider doing multiple designs to match the style and desires of your audience.

The main objective of a catalogue is to promote the products and services offered by your company. A catalogue layout properly designed must show your company’s products or services arranged neatly, so that they can be easily recognized, and, at the same time, it must look attractive to improve your sales. In addition, the catalogue layout must be strategically arranged in order give more importance to certain items or to make the catalogue look more eye-catching. Finally, the visual coherence on which a company’s corporate image is supported must be kept. A catalogue may promote products within promotional packages or little-known products, it may inform the audience about the new comfort and convenience of a service to it can simply contain small businesses’ month offers.

A well and professionally designed catalogue will always bring good businesses. It will grab attention and inquiries thus enhancing the company’s image


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