Globe Rings

These glass globe rings, which remind us of the snow globes that we held with dizzy joy in our childhood, inspire that same joy of holding a miniature world locked in a terrarium to be admired. I bet these experiences inspired some of these artists to create rings with glass balls that hold little scenes on your fingers. Here are 25 beautiful examples of how a miniature glass globe can turn into a ring.

Glass globes like these give jewelers and ring designers the opportunity to approach their art from a totally new direction. Instead of trying to create reliefs of their designs on rings, they can now compose poignant vignettes for you to wear on your finger.

Judging by the response to a ring like this in our list of awesome rings, people love rings like these! Many artists fill their terrarium rings with flowers, moss or other bits of nature, but there are countless other applications as well! If you have a similar ring you’d like to share with us, please add it to this post. You can also vote for your favorites as well! And we know the holidays are approaching, so there are source links to purchase these rings below each image.


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