Creativecrabs is a leading branding and #advertising agency in Ahmedabad, India provides services including Luxury jewellery brand identity, jewellery branding, jewellery brand development and Jewellery Photography.

Photography & Video is a great way to quickly create marketing material for your Brand:

Websites, In-store displays, Postcards, E-mail campaigns, Business cards, Brochures, Television ads, Slideshows, Trade shows and Quality of Photography at an affordable cost. We now offer Photography and Video promotional postcards and artwork for direct-mail or e-mail marketing.

#Luxury #branding is a whole new ball-game altogether, both from the perspective of the marketer as well as the luxury consumer. It, therefore, becomes important to view it both in relation and isolation from the ‘regular’ goods marketing.

To achieve the above objective, we first look at how luxury goods are different from regular goods and then go on to explore some facets and trends of the luxury goods as well as their market and consumers. This finally sums up into a SWOT analysis of the luxury goods segment, thereby helping in obtaining a bird’s eye view of the exercise at hand.


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