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Brand focused. Design-led. Our Concept

Creative Crabs has an unparalleled and exceptional experience of sixteen years in the field of Communication design in the jewelry sector. Mainly focusing on luxury goods and high-end jewelry branding and advertising. Creative Crabs is a brand design agency and Adverting agency (luxury products) that helps lifestyle inspired companies engage consumers and communicate brand culture. We use strategy and design to connect luxury brands and jewellery people through the things they love… products, services and experiences that support their lifestyle and matter in culture. We have a deep passion for visual storytelling and making innovative ideas come to life with the most perfect and beautiful treatment imaginable. We also position your Brand in the market after analyzing and planning to develop a good relation with the target market.

When Luxury brands stand out, they stand for Quality.

We specialize in Luxury products and Jewelry brand communication and digital innovation and we’ve earned a reputation for doing great work across multiple level. Our work is driven by our mission and our mission is to build brands for Jewelry and luxury products retailers. We have strong grip in Concept photography, Graphic design, Illustration, Corporate film-making, Branding and Audio & Videos making for commercial jewellery firms to interact there brand in the retail market.

Our Team

Our work, our passion and our Visuals… Makes us different?

Our agency have full of creative people who aren’t afraid of challenges and actually look forward to them. We consulted more then for Fortune 50 companies as well as competed collegiate and professionally when it comes to Jewelry Brands.

We use our personal experiences and interests to define our company values and offerings. Our roots are grounded in Luxury products, Jewelry firms, fashion industries, Food & Beverage firms and digital lifestyle categories so working with our partners and connecting with their audience comes naturally.

The key to our success is that we embrace collaboration and demand that our strategists, designers and creatives team work closely and directly with our clients through an constant and followup process. We believe in being accessible, transparent and honest and expect the brands we associate with to be the same.

Our advisory services of analysis’s, conceptualizing, graphic design, photography and branding our clients can count on us to achieve the status of most coveted brands having lasting impressions on the target customer!

Through the blend of imagination, knowledge and experience we are committed to provide advisory services, design management and operations solutions’ for our clients thus helping them to deal with emerging challenges strategically and maximizing their brand value. We come up with compelling brand strategy, breakthrough design, clutter breaking communication and exceptional execution to create persuasive branding solutions.


Jewelry is the temptation that nobody can resist in the world, Every woman is crazy about the ornaments. Jewelry can be described as the ornaments that are worn by men and women to accessorize of for the personal adornment. Basically jewelry is used to intensify the beauty. jewelry items basically include bracelets, necklaces, rings, anklets, earring, etc. Ultimately, the goal of the jewelry branding segment is to have you start thinking about what qualities make you a unique, talented, one of a kind jeweler and how this translates into the branding and presentation of your work to the public so that they recognize your work instantly as something they can’t live without. When it comes to sunning a business, it needs good planning at every step. Jewelry business seems to be very profitable and to reach all the customers and dealers the brand value of the product should be planned crucially.

Jewelry Branding is the field where we specialize in.

    • 1. High-End Jewelry

    • 2. Fashion Jewelry

    • 3. Estate Jewelry

    • 4. Royal Jewelry

There are many categories in this market like High End Jewelry market, Fashion jewelry, estate jewelry and royal jewelry. There is so much variety and so much competition in this business that marketing of the business has become very crucial. When at the initial stage there should be proper marketing plans and promotion plans for the same.

“Jewelry Branding is about associating your jewelry business with emotions that are unquantifiable in monetary terms.

The goal of the jewelry branding is to think about the qualities that make the company unique, and one particular kind of jeweler. The branding makes your product to get recognized instantly.

It’s about what customers think, feel, and tell their friends about your jewelry.”   ~Oran

Jewelry Branding is what your company offers as a whole, beyond just goods. It is just as much about design principles, customer service, perceived value, visual identity, and market differentiation as it is about the unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that you sell.

Made up of a sum of parts, your jewelry brand can be broken down into 4 areas that you can work on to develop your jewelry branding package: Story, Visual Identity, Perception, and Market Differentiation.


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