A 40 year commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction is the cornerstone of Prestige Jewelry International.  At Prestige, customer service is not a department, it is a company-wide philosophy.  We don’t have a customer service policy – client satisfaction is our Mission.  From your first meeting with a Prestige manager or executive, our objective is to understand your goals and create a solid and enduring partnership.

Product Development:

In Product Development, top designers, merchandisers, and model makers can go from idea, to rendering, to finished sample within a few days. Real and enduring success is a direct result of Prestige’s ability to create custom, exclusive designs and compelling merchandising programs suited to each client’s needs. Prestige’s global team offers decades of combined sourcing experience in diamonds, precious and rare colored gemstones, expertise with a wide variety of materials and techniques and the ability to develop strategic manufacturing ventures suitable to a client’s needs.


Prestige manufactures in India, China, Thailand, Italy and the United States, maintaining solid relationships with a reliable stable of factories, holding them to the highest production standards, strict QC procedures, tightly controlling the flow of production with an impeccable record of on time delivery.


Each one of Prestige’s collections is developed based on unique market research, trend analysis and consumer behavior.  Prestige further develops each collection as a fully viable marketable concept by creating branding campaigns and tailor made communication strategies to take the products from the drawing board to stores with strong consumer awareness.

Added Value Retail Programs:

Inventory management, CRM, merchandising and sales strategies developed to support the launch and growth of Prestige collections at the retail level.  Prestige adds value to retail partners by creating a differentiated assortment of merchandise and exclusive lines, centered on the tastes and styles of their individual customers.  This level of differentiation involves market trend analysis, investment in design, and developing compelling product programs which allows retailers to differentiate themselves from their competitors, build customer loyalty and sustain higher margins.

Prestige Jewelry International
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