Photography & VM


What you see – Cornerstone is an exclusive men’s clothing store founded by Madhukar Gangadi. This men’s has a New Arrivals board at the entrance with pieces of shirt material in different colors and patterns on it. There are a few mannequins flaunting the latest trends as well.

The interiors, including shelves, tables and flooring are tastefully done in wood. Large trial rooms, one on each of the two levels, have ample lighting and mirrors within.



2012 – 2015

Photography, Branding, VM

cornerstone branding-bg

What We Done


Cornerstone is a store that follows the zero-stock concept. So they just have a few formal and semiformal trousers and shirts apart from T-shirts for trial.


As a customer you are asked to try on the clothes for size, fit and fabric. You can choose between slim and regular for shirts, relax and comfort fit for pants and even with or without pleats for formal trousers.

Our Verdict

Cornerstone is a great choice for bespoke wear for men. What’s more is that there is a lot of variety on offer. Delivery is claimed to be quick too. Their prices are within the normal range. Parking space at this store is limited.